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Global Bites Project | Intro

Posted on January 9, 2012

One of the things that I wanted to do when I created this website was to cover the various cuisines of the world. I am fascinated by how and why food is prepared differently depending on where you are. Sometimes the ingredients are different based on availability, sometimes it's the same ingredients but seasoned or prepared differently. I want to taste every cuisine in the world, not too ambitious, right?

For this project I am loosely following Jeremy MacVeigh's International Cuisine book because it covers all cuisines and I like the way that it is organized. In addition to his book, I am consulting the many cookbooks that I have as well as other sources. Oh, almost forgot, since I am part hobby cook and part nerd, I have created a map to track my progress, the map can be found on lower half of the Recipes by Cuisine page.

The articles will be found here under Global Bites Project.

First stop, the Middle East.