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Fun Facts

Website launched 1/30/2011

As of 5/30/2016 website has been visited 85,868 times

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Los Gatos Foodie is a recipe website for the home cook focusing on natural food with a global twist by Brenda Grimse.

Tell Me More

I created Los Gatos Foodie in January 2011 with the intention of having a way to share recipes with family and friends. Since then, the website has been visited by thousands of visitors in 147 countries. It's a lot of fun for me. I have tons of recipes that I've cooked over the years, so I mostly started with those. Now I am branching out and have challenged myself to cook at least one dish from all the major cuisines of the world. Too ambitious? Probably. But still fun. I cook and photograph everything myself, with the occasional help from my husband who holds the lighting apparatus for me while I snap the pictures. Oh yeah, and he likes to eat the food too.

Getting Around

The Home page will show the most recent recipe additions. On here you can also see what I am planning to cook next under "On The Menu". Using the menu bar above you can go to the By Cuisine page. Here I have "Recipes by Cuisine" and "More Recipes", as well as a "Recipe Map". Next is the Articles page, this contains my "Global Bites Articles" and some other articles. Next is my Best Eats page, here I post restaurants that I like. Next is my Sources page, here you can find links to other blogs, cooking classes, and shopping.

Type of Food

I generally think of recipes and food in terms of cuisine type, so that's how this site is organized. I have an interest in international cuisine and have started a project called Global Bites to highlight this area. I cook using natural ingredients, no processed food. I believe in a whole-food diet, grass-fed meats, real butter, no fake stuff, and lots of vegetables.

Where I Get The Recipes

I get recipes from cooking classes, cookbooks, friends, and stuff that I make up. If I pull a recipe from another source, I reference the source.

The First Thing That I Cooked

I made a visit to San Luis Obispo the summer of 1982 and stopped at Spikes to eat. I had potatoes skins. I thought, "If I could make these skins at home, life would be great!" I went home and figured out how to bake the potatoes, scoop out the flesh, re-bake, add toppings, and bake again. I ended up re-creating their "Skins Italia" - a potato skin filled with spicy marinara sauce, Italian salami, and mozzarella. I was in heaven. I had a full-circle moment a few weeks ago while making potato gnocchi in a cooking class. I was scooping out the flesh of the potatoes to make gnocchi, the chef had told me to discard the skins, and I said "But you can eat them." He said "Then make potato skins for the class." I did, and he said, "Wow, these may be the best thing we eat all day."


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