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Portuguese | Olives with Orange Zestvegan

Posted on November 27, 2017

So simple, it's almost not a recipe. As you zest the orange, the oil from the orange mists over the olives. I always serve olives when making Portuguese or Spanish menus. I think this is a gorgeous and tasty way to serve them.

Yield: serves 4

olives with orange zest


7 ounces good-quality black or purple olives (Portuguese or Spanish preferred)

1 orange

1 bay leaf (fresh, if you have it)

dried chilli, to garnish



Place the olives in a serving bowl. Using a potato peeler or zester, shave long strips of orange zest directly into the bowl, so that the orange oils mist over the olives. Add the bay leaf and chilli. Serve straight away.


(Ref. "Olives with Orange Zest" recipe, Lisbon cookbook, page 240)