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Posted on April 14, 2016



Russia map

My Adventure

For this adventure, I made Chicken Kiev and Beef Stronganoff.

chicken kiev

Chicken Kiev

beef stronganoff

Beef Stronganoff


Recipes for Russian cuisine can be found here. I am always adding more, so check back!

For my restaurant selection we went to The Russian Family Restaurant in Redwood City. We had Kuliyabiyaka (savory meat pie, we ordered beef), green salad, Beef Stronganoff, Kotlety "Pozharskie" (Chicken patties made from a 200 year-old recipe by Russian restaurateur Pozharsky), and a dessert crepe with farmer cheese and raspberries. Everything was really good!



Beef Stronganoff

Beef Stronganoff

Kotlety "Pozharskie"

Kotlety "Pozharskie"


Dessert Crepe


Russian dolls

Next stop, Iberia.

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